New Teacher Profile: Mrs. Staak


Kate Kueter

Mrs. Staak preparing for virtual teaching.

Jae Dancer, Reporter

Elizabeth Staak never planned to be a teacher. Starting out in the journalism department she then segwayed into an english major and a teaching program at the University of Iowa.

“In college I didn’t really know what I wanted to do and finally, once I was in the teaching program, I felt like I was surrounded by people who were like me, and I really enjoyed it.”Staak said.

In the past, Staak has taught at various schools around Iowa including Urbandale, Prairie middle school, as well as helped out in the South East music department. Staak will now be joining City High as a Language Arts teacher. 

“I have always admired City High and the people that work there.” Staak said. “I know the people that work in the City are great and I would be lucky to work with them.” 

Staaks goal for this year is for her students to feel comfortable in the classroom under the circumstances. She wants her students to have fun with learning, feel comfortable with each other, and feel good about coming to school every day. 

“My favorite part of being a teacher is just watching [students] go through the year because it’s amazing the amount of emotional and mental growth that I see kids have every year. I just feel really lucky to be even a little part of that.”

Staaks biggest pet peeve while teaching is the sound of students chewing as taking off shoes in the classroom. Staak sometimes needs to remind them that, “this is not the space for that.”

When asked how virtual teaching has been going Staak said, “I was terrified at first just because it’s hard starting at a new school where you don’t really know anyone but I feel like my students have been super resilient and I just appreciate them showing up every day.”

If Staak was to give advice to an aspiring teacher she would say.“Every day is a new day. Smile, laugh, but most of all don’t sweat the small stuff.”