Students Return to Campus for Hybrid Learning

Henry Mildenstein, Web Editor

With the anticipation around City High Students returning to campus for the first time in six months, many precautions have been put in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 on campus.

Mr. Bacon, City’s principle, outlined some of the differences between this year and previous ones. 

“When kids get to school in the morning instead of hanging out and socializing they are supposed to go straight to their first hour class,” Bacon said. “There is also no open campus, everyone’s got to be scheduled and accounted for so that there can be contact tracing.”

Another difference between this year and its predecessors is the introduction of an A day B day schedule. Students who are on the A day schedule will only have on-campus learning on Monday, Tuesday, and every other Wednesday. B day students have class on Thursday, Friday, and on the Wednesday that A day students don’t have. In addition to decreasing the density of students at the school there are additional precautions.

“Teachers have to use seating charts, if there is a positive case in a class we have to provide those seating charts to the nursing department. They will do contact tracing to determine if anyone was within six feet for 15 minutes of the person that tested positive,” Bacon said.

As school has started, students have begun to adjust to the new system. Adam Homes ‘21 says he’s generally okay with how things are being run.

I feel pretty comfortable with all of the precautions that the school is taking. All of my teachers have been cleaning the desks and chairs between classes, and making sure that we are all seated apart, with windows and doors open when possible.

However Holmes still feels a little concerned. 

“Of course I do not feel 100% comfortable right now, and part of that is just being back around so many people which can be very stressful,” Holmes said.