Geerdes and McElroy win Senior Class President and Vice President in 2020-2021 election


Courtesy of Katherine Geerdes '21

Evan McElroy ’21 and Katherine Geerdes ’21 volunteering together.

Kate Kueter, Video Editor

Seniors opened their emails Friday morning, October 2, and received the google form ballot for the 2020-2021 Senior Class Presidential Election. Throughout the day students voted for one of the four candidates and their vice presidents. That same day at 4:30 pm the winners were announced. Katherine Geerdes ‘21 and Evan McElroy ‘21 are the 2020-2021 Senior class president and vice president. 

“We were definitely super excited and pleasantly surprised,” Geerdes said. “I texted [Evan] right away, and it was definitely a sense of a lot of work finally paying off.” 

Geerdes and McElroy have attended City High for all four years of high school and participated in multiple City High activities such as Mock Trial, Cross Country, Track, TableTop RPG, and the music department. As a ticket, they take inspiration from the 2018-2019 class president, Lottie Gidal ‘19, and plan to implement new training for the administration. 

“We need to get diversity training for the administration, they need to learn how to properly handle situations and properly handling situations doesn’t mean taking the students and the teachers to the principal’s office,”  Geerdes explains. 

Along with new training, Geerdes and McElroy plan to start new COVID safe activities for the remainder of the school year. They plan to start new clubs and have a projector movie night on the football field to replace the events that were canceled this year. 

“These ideas, if not implemented this year, we want to set up for next year,” Geerdes said. “[We] want to come up with specific solutions on how [we’ll] improve things.” 

 President Geerdes and Vice President McElroy are not only focused on creating a vibrant student body and giving the school ways to come together as a community, but they are also focused on improving the Iowa City environment with a recycling system that directs items to the correct locations. 

“A lot of restaurants in Iowa City, their recycling just goes straight to the trash. Even though it’s labeled as recycling,” Geerdes explained. “So I think making sure that we have an efficient way of recycling is important.” 

President Geerdes and Vice President McElroy will continue to communicate with the student body and share information that would affect the school. 

“Evan and I are super excited to lead the Student Senate this year. We have some great ideas that we think can really help City High,” Geerdes said.