Theresa Greenfield is the Better Choice for City High


Aala Basheir

Yard signs in support of Theresa Greenfield and Joni Ernst, candidates for the Iowa Senate

Julius Perez, Reporter

Although they often seem overshadowed by the presidential election, senate and other Congressional races are important. The two frontrunners in the Iowa Senate race are Theresa Greenfield, a Democrat and self proclaimed “pragmatic, common-sense scrappy farm girl,” is running against Joni Ernst, a veteran and one of Iowa’s current Republican Senators. However in this story party lines will be blurred, and what the candidates will do for City High will be discussed regardless of party affiliation. I believe that Theresa Greenfield, although early in her political career, will make the right actions, and help put forth legislation that will benefit City High School and the staff, students, and their families.

Greenfield understands that putting resources into public schools, and the teachers and students in them, is good for everyone. For a candidate to have this mindset going into office, it is normally safe to say that they will fight for education whenever they can. Greenfield also has a plan for statewide education. She hopes to expand education, including everything from preschool to investing in higher education and job training. On Greenfield’s official website she claims that she is “committed to fully funding Pell grants,” and “increasing taxes for the rich in order to reduce interest rates for student loans.” This is evidence that she is committed to getting High School students, like those at City High, into colleges and helping them become successful afterwards.

I believe the best way to compare Greenfield and Ernst is to look at their different beliefs on education policies. One distinction that highlights how Greenfield is better for City High lies in her lack of support, or discouragement of Charter Schools. “We should focus on improving our public schools and increasing teacher wages instead,” Greenfield has said, representing her position. Another policy of Greenfield’s that outlines how she would help City High students is her support of 4 year college and university tuition being paid for by the federal government, which will encourage and prove helpful to City High students looking to go to college. Again, Ernst is a no on this issue. 

Leaving the realm of more direct effects on City High and City High students we can move more into issues that will benefit City High families. During an interview on August 10th with Iowa Feminist Newsletter, Greenfield made clear her support for universal preschool saying We should also make early investments in our children by working towards universal pre-K and invest in debt-free community college.”

Planned Parenthood is an organization that relieves stress and aids families in everyday life and big events. While Ernst has “attacked” Planned Parenthood, Greenfield “believes all women, regardless of where they live or how much money they make, should have access to safe, high-quality, affordable health care.” Planned Parenthood can provide inexpensive exams, contraceptives and treatments, while even guiding families through teen pregnancies. These are vital issues for City High families.  

It’s clear that Theresa Greenfield’s policies will support City High students more than Joni Ernst’s. From fully funding Pell Grants and endorsement from the Iowa State Education Association, to support of Universal Preschool and Planned Parenthood, It is shown that Greenfield will provide vital support in times of need to families in need. Joni Ernst, if elected, will disenfranchise City High’s families in the same manner that she has for the last four years. The choice is clear; Theresa Greenfield is the better candidate for the students of City High.