All Students Now Required to Submit Yearbook Photos


Jonathan Rogers

Jack Rogers ’26 uploads a school photo to the HJESHARE.COM website for the Red and White yearbook.

Henry Mildenstein, Web Editor

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic the City High yearbook will need students to submit their own photos for the 2020-20201 yearbook.  Guidelines with a video on how to submit photos were emailed to all students.

“The Red and White yearbook team really needs your help this year.  If you want to have your class photo in the yearbook you need to upload a photo to HJESHARE.COM.  My biggest tip is to make sure it is a vertical photo.  Also, make sure it is only you with a background that isn’t distracting.  Students and staff can view all the tips on this online handout and video.  All questions can be emailed to me at [email protected],” Jonathan Rogers, Red and White yearbook adviser, said.

Grades 9 through 11 will have until January 15th to submit their photos. Seniors will have to submit their senior photos by December 11th.  Senior photos submitted after December 11th will be accepted until the 15th with a $5 late fee.  No photos will be accepted after January 15th.  Students and staff who don’t submit photos will be listed as NOT PICTURED in the yearbook.

“I hope students look at this as an opportunity.  Usually we only let seniors submit photos, but this year everyone gets to submit one, which could make the yearbook really fun if students upload their photos,” Rogers said.

As usual, Seniors will submit their own senior photos to [email protected] Other students will submit photos that are closer to normal school photos. The photo requirements include having to be vertical, students’ faces should be in focus, no props/gestures, school dress code must be followed, and the photo needs to be around 1MB size or greater (phone pictures work fine). Any pictures that don’t meet requirements can be rejected.

If a person has questions they should contact the yearbook adviser Jonathan Rogers at [email protected]