Marsh and Rutherford Win The Cutest Couple Contest

Rachel Marshs photo is leading the Cutest Couple contest with less than a week left.

Rachel Marsh

Rachel Marsh’s photo is leading the Cutest Couple contest with less than a week left.

Greta Stanier, Reporter

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, City High’s Cutest Couple Contest has come to a close. After two weeks and around 25 entries, the winners have been declared. 

Rachel Marsh ‘21 and Aaron Rutherford ‘21 received the most likes on The Little Hawk’s Instagram and have been announced the winners of the Cutest Couple Contest. 

Erin Partridge ’24 and Ruby Casella ‘24 won the Little Hawk staff pick category. Both couples will be awarded a 50 dollar gift certificate to Basta. 

In the staff category, the winners are Scott and Jill Jesperson. The Jespersons will receive a City High hoodie. 

“My favorite part of the Cutest Couple Contest was just seeing everyone enter,” Marsh said. “Seeing how people from different grades, friend groups, and areas of the school entered just to have fun was great.”

Both Marsh and Rutherford entered the contest to have some fun. 

“I really enjoyed spreading the word to all our friends to go like the post,” Rutherford explained. “It was also fun to track our progress and see how we were doing compared to the other contestants.”

Marsh and Rutherford are excited that they won the contest, and look forward to celebrating with their gift card to Basta.

“This is a great competition that helps everyone get in the Valentine’s Day spirit, and it will be fun to say we won it,” Rutherford said.