Two City High Mock Trial Teams make the Elite 8 State Final


Courtesy of Jason Schumann

Harper Denniston, Shoshie Hemley, Ananya Albrecht-Buehler, Toby Epstein, Juliane Berry-Stoelze, Francesca Brown, Katherine Geerdes, and Johanna Kopelman prepare for the state mock trial tournament.

Over the internet, the City High Mock trial teams watched as the final eight teams were revealed, determining who would move on to the Iowa high school state quarterfinals, and who would end up eliminated. In the end, two of the three City High mock trial teams moved on to the quarterfinals.

“They’re both excellent teams,” Chip Hardesty, one of the mock trial coaches said. “And I think it’s possible that once the tournament is over we will have both first and second places.”

The City High teams will be competing in the quarterfinals on Friday March 26 at 4:30 pm, and then have the chance to move on to the semifinals, Saturday March 27th in the morning, and then the championship round will be held later that day.