Powderpuff Football Preview


Lauren Koch

“Smack that Pass” team huddles during practice.

Lauren Koch, Reporter

Teams have been preparing for weeks for the Powderpuff games, 30 yard flagged football. Six teams consisting of junior and senior girls will battle on Bates Field in an annual City High tradition the Wednesday before the homecoming dance.

Kicking off at 6:00 pm, Powderpuff begins with some great lineups. According to a two players from the junior “Smack That Pass” team, they have been devising plays for weeks. The team reports that they cannot wait to take on the seniors.

“We’ve got the best coaches and best team dynamic,” Ruby Mcdonough ’23 from the “Smack That Pass” team said.

The girls and their coaches are hoping for a big crowd and they’re ready to put on a show.

“As a team, we are in this together no matter what,” Claire Brown ’23 said.