LH Film Review: “The Lost Daughter”

Olivia Coleman’s character rejects motherhood for academia in this thrilling film now on Netflix

Araminta Siegling, Culture Editor

Maggie Gyllenhaal’s new movie is available on Netflix, starring Olivia Coleman from “The Favourite” as Leda. The beautiful score and scenery give this film a unique feeling, with moments of tension and relaxation. 

Exploring the regrets of a mother turned academic, this story will keep you on your toes and engaged throughout its two-hour runtime. The film takes place in Greece and was filmed on the island of Spetses, contrasting the beautiful relaxing environment with the main characters’ anxiety and flashbacks. 

Similar to popular psychological thrillers that focus on a female protagonist’s mental illness (Black Swan, Spencer, Gone Girl, etc.), this movie is a bit toned down and focuses more on her relationships and regrets as a mother. 

I love this film for its post-feminist approach to balancing education and more traditional/expected roles. Leda sacrifices being a mother to pursue a relationship outside of her marriage, and academia. Her inability to process these things at the time causes a resurgence of emotions while on her vacation, making her act out by stealing a doll belonging to a family on the beach. 

Gyllenhaal’s successful attempt to capture the complexity of a woman in academia and the colorful personalities of families in the seaside town make this one of the best new movies on Netflix now.