One Last Art Show

Art classes prepare for one last art show this year before Seniors leave


Rosangel Flores-Rubio

Second Trimester Art Show

Rosangel Flores-Rubio, Art & Design Executive

Whether it’s a glass mosaic, a collage, or a giant deer, the City High art show welcomes all student’s class artworks to be on display. At the end of every trimester, art students are welcomed to show all of the skills they’ve been working on. There, students are able to either just display their work or sell it. 

“This art show will be [our] return to the most normal art show we’ve had in years,” Dan Peterson, art teacher at City, said. 

The COVID-19 pandemic limited student’s way of showing their works, leading to the art show being transferred online. The deadline for students to submit artwork is May 22nd, in order to sell work students must label the title, describe the medium, and put a price on it. The art show’s purpose is to demonstrate classwork that students have been working on through the trimester. However, artwork that students have done outside of class is welcomed with permission from the art teachers. 

“Everyone’s works are always so unique, I’m excited to see what people have done this trimester,” Connor Jakob ’24 said.

Students, parents, friends and City High staff are encouraged to come. The art show will be happening May 23rd, 8:30am-4:30pm in room 502.