Little Hawk Orders 75 Additional Yearbooks


Yearbooks can be picked up in Room 2109.

Isaac Bullwinkle, Opinion and Copy Editor

Every year, Little Hawk Journalism creates yearbooks for students to purchase at the end of the term. This year, however, there was increased demand for yearbooks and The Little Hawk had to order 75 more to accommodate for additional purchases. 

Jonathan Rogers, the advisor and educator for the yearbook, says this is a normal occurrence.

“Every year there’s people who didn’t order them that want them, so we have to order extra because we are only allowed to order the number [of yearbooks] that people order,” said Rogers.

Rogers said he encourages students to order yearbooks on time, so that they don’t have to wait for the additional order. 

“We always like to have more people register and order them on time,” said Rogers. 

Yearbooks are sold out now, but those who ordered one can pick it up in room 2109.