Interact Club Plans “Move it Dig it Do It” Event

After Interact Club’s first event, they continue to give students opportunities to volunteer and get their silver cord hours.


Naomi Hemley

Interact Club Student Leaders, Lanira Siron ‘25 and Jennie Gidal ‘23 working during an Interact Club meeting

Naomi Hemley, Editor

Interact Club’s first event was on September 8th when students came together after school to watch a movie and make tie blankets to give to others. Their next event called “Move It Dig It Do It” will be at the Iowa Children’s Museum on September 25th for children to learn about different vehicles.

“Interact Club is very straight forward with our mission,” Josh Stalkfleet, the club’s advisor said during their first meeting. “The main goal of Interact Club is to offer students the chance to give back and get involved in their community. Interact Club has numerous events throughout the year and multiple guest speakers.”

With the help of Interact Club, students are able to familiarize themselves with volunteering from a young age.

 “They can use the skills they learn here outside of the school environment,” Jennie Gidal ‘23 said.

By working with other organizations like Rotary Club and Houses Into Homes, students get a variety of volunteer opportunities. The club began discussing different volunteer events immediately during their first meeting.

 “I’m excited about all of the new organizations we are working with this year. There are a lot more people in the club this year, so we can really work on some big events,” Gidal said.

“Interact Club exposes me to the wonderful people in my community and allows me to provide all the help I can to others,” Lanira Siron ‘25 said. “With Interact club, our community gains the benefit of our help and sees City High students at their best!”