City High’s New Detention System Meets Mixed Reactions From Students

Results from a Little Hawk poll of the student body

Esther Puderbaugh

Results from a Little Hawk poll of the student body

Isabella Young, Reporter

The new system of detentions is just one of the many new policies City High has introduced this year.

In this new policy, detentions at City High are now given for one or more unexcused absences or three or more tardies. Students serve twenty minute-long detentions in Room 1101 before or after school. During the detention, students discuss the importance of being on time and present in class. 

In a recent poll about detentions conducted by The Little Hawk, 39% of the students who responded thought the detention policy was fair, and only 28.4% thought the new policy would be effective. However, only 3% of respondents had actually served a detention. 

Diego Loria-Eivins ‘24 believes that the detention policy poses potential issues. 

“I think detention is actually very impractical for most students because it’s a time you could be doing homework or other things, but you have to stay after school doing nothing,” Loria-Eivins said. 

Phil Hansen, an assistant principal, stressed the importance of detentions. Hansen is in charge of the detentions at City High.

“The goal of detentions is to learn the value of being prompt, prepared, and on-time for all classes,” Hansen said.