Taylor Swift’s New Music Video “Lavender Haze” Puts Fans in a Daze with Speak Now Easter Eggs

Lavender Haze Music Video Teases at Speak Now Taylor’s Version

Taylor Swift


Claire Hartwig, Reporter

Last night Swift took to her Twitter posting, “Meet me at midnight……for the Lavender Haze music video premiere (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)” Fans have been speculating different release dates, and if she was even going to post the video after the backlash she received for her “Anti-Hero” music video.

 But now that the video is out, it’s practically known that Speak Now will be the next re-recorded album. With scenes in her previous two music videos, “Bejeweled” and “Anti-Hero.” Where she’s seen pressing the level 3 button in the elevator, or the castle outro with acoustic “Long Live” playing, even the 13 exclamation marks she used to announce the music video. Maybe the most prominent though, the koi fish that have been pictured on her guitar, (the same guitar used for her Speak Now tour.) Even though the new music video is themed purple because of lavender, it leaves you wondering. Could it mean something more? 

Swift has previously stated in lyrics to “Mastermind,” a release off her newest album Midnights. “So I told you none of it was accidental. And the first night that you saw me, nothing was gonna stop me. I laid the groundwork and then saw a wide smirk. On your face, you knew the entire time.” Or in an interview where she said something to the effect of, “Is it allowed to hint to something 3 years in advance?” Now onto the “Lavender Haze” easter eggs. Swift starts off the video by showing a record with the cover reading, “Mastermind.” Ring a bell? Later she reaches into the TV… (TAYLORS VERSION) she was watching and it opens up to several koi fish swimming in a galaxy. THE SAME KOI FISH ON HER SPEAK NOW TOUR GUITAR. After that there’s not any easter eggs found…yet! But there’s enough combined with all three music videos that it speaks for itself. This all just leaves us with one question, when will “Speak Now Taylor’s Version” be announced?