2022: My Personal Favorite Fashion Trends

2022 brought us lots of new fashion trends, some revived from the past, some newly created.


Wisdom Konu, Culture Editor

In 2022, a multitude of fashion trends ruled the year. From McBling (NOT Y2K!) to Gyaru, 2022 was a year of resurgence for fashion. Here are some of my personal favorites of 2022. 

In the year of 2022, multiple fashion trends arose, from cute staple pieces to entire styles. My first example of a re-popularized style is Gyaru fashion, one of the most famous japanese fashion subcultures. Gyaru (also known as the English slang word gal) is a Japanese fashion subculture, considered to be nonconformist, rebelling against the Japanese beauty and societal standard of women in the 1980’s. The style is very much inspired by black women and tanning your skin was a way of rebelling against the idea of being pale-skinned, not meant to mock black people but rather to combat the prominent colorist beauty standards in Japan during the 1980’s making it therefore more rebellious. “Gyaru” is not defined by one singular look, but by a common general aesthetic, values, and ethos. There are subgenres of Gyaru within the subculture, each with their own style, such as Agejo Gyaru, Rokku Gyaru, and Ane Gyaru. My personal appreciation and love for the subculture comes from the vast styles of how one could dress within the entire subculture. With Gyaru, there is no box to be contained in and you can always experiment with any substyle. 

In 2022, McBling yet again was one of the leading fashion trends of the year. Often mistaken as Y2K, The McBling aesthetic revolves around excess and luxury. Mini skirts were a staple of McBling from your typical pleated skirt to a simple jean skirt and the shorter, the better! Things shifted in 2022 when Miu Miu released their micro-mini skirt during the brand’s spring 2022 runway in October. The skirt has been seen on half a dozen magazine covers, and worn by Zendaya, Naomi Campbell, Hailey Baldwin, and Hunter Schafer. Micro mini-skirts and mini-skirts are versatile as well as a great way to make a fashion statement. 

Moon boots. Multiple shoes were the craze of last year; however, moon boots were the it shoes of last year. What makes the Moon Boot so special is the history behind them. The original shoe, created in the ’70s, was inspired by the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing. Moon Boots, now associated with the winter, have become affiliated with winter worldwide. Multiple brands like Jimmy Choo, Dior, Chanel, etc. have collaborated with the label. The space-esque boots are stylish and adaptable, an iconic timeless piece of clothing that I hope to own my own pair one day!

2022 was truly a year of resurgence for fashion. A multitude of fashion trends arose, with some staying and some leaving. As we are now in 2023, I am excited to see the fashion trends that will experience a revival this year.