Playmaker Profile: Nic Jarvis

Becca Meyer

The bell ringing signals the end of the day and Nic Jarvis ‘16 dashes to the locker room. He suits up in his black singlet and head gear while mentally preparing for two hours of brawling in the steamy, air deprived wrestling room. Ready to face off on the mat, Jarvis takes his position and goes in for the pin. This is what a normal practice looks like for the Varsity wrestling team.

“Everyday after school we are just trying to get better. The coaches push us to focus and get the work done that we need to get done,” Jarvis said. “The ultimate goal at the end is to make it to State.”

Jarvis did not make it to State this past year but believes it is a reasonable goal for his current season.

“I was still young last year, but I’ve really improved and I think that as long as I work hard and keep improving I’ll be able to make it to State.”

With a 29-3 record, Jarvis is leading the varsity team, but is still hoping to sharpen his skill and strengthen his performance.

“Before I go to state, I’m going to work on being smart during the match and knowing what positions are going to help me win,” Jarvis said. “I have to be prepared for all types of situations.”

Jarvis is happy with his performance so far this season and is also satisfied with the improvement he sees in the team as a whole.

“As a team we’ve gotten a lot better. We are still a young team, but we are better than we were last year,” Jarvis said.

Jarvis is a part of the wrestling team, but still sees wrestling as a very individualized sport.

“Just because your other teammates are doing good, doesn’t mean you are,” Jarvis said. “It’s all on you and you have to put work in if you plan on winning.”

Wrestling is unique in the aspect that only people of the same weight wrestle each other.

“It’s a fight against someone who you’re very similar with,” Jarvis said. “You want to do something and they’re trying to do the opposite. It’s like pulling on a rope.”

Jarvis enjoys the competition that comes with getting out on the mat and plans to make wrestling a part of his future.

“I’m definitely going to continue wrestling in college,” Jarvis said. “It has helped me learn a lot like how to work hard and utilize my time and I want to continue wrestling throughout my life.”

Jarvis getting ready to wrestle
Elise Goodvin
Jarvis getting ready to wrestle