Anything but a DilEmma



The Class of 2017 runs rampant with talent and the DilEmmas are no exception. The duo came to be through their musical connection and quickly became a conversation topic throughout the halls of City High.

Emma Arp ‘17 and Emma Meyers-Verhage ‘17 kicked off the school year performing their cover of Halo by Beyoncé, but that wasn’t their first time in the spotlight.

“We started last year around July at a camp that we both worked at,” Arp explained. “We got asked to perform at our boss’s play and we took off from there.”

The two have even discussed taking their music outside of school.

“We have a YouTube channel and we’ve always talked about doing an open-mic night,” Meyers-Verhage said. “But we always have something that conflicts with any rehearsal times, such as show choir, Allstate, or the spring musical.”

Arp agrees that the scheduling can be difficult.

“It can be hard to fit in [our schedule],” she said. “When we get to do it, it’s pretty special.”

Their duo name DilEmmas “just kind of happened,” Arp said. “Since we’re both named Emma it fit and the name was born. We had thought about ‘Emma Squared,’ but puns are always the best.”

Halo was just the opening act for the Emma’s performances to come this school year. For the pair, finding what to sing next comes naturally.

“We don’t really plan it out. We just mess around with something and it clicks and we know that we should do it,” Arp explained.

The pair’s repertoire consists of music familiar to both of them and material they’ve introduced to each other. “We have similar tastes in music, yet most of the time one of us ends up learning something new to put together,” Meyers-Verhage added.

Together, the DilEmmas have gained City High’s full attention.

“I’m really excited for the DilEmmas to continue,” Arp said.

Meyers-Verhage is just as excited.

“Hopefully we can [make music] much more in the future.”