City High to Hold Star Wars Trivia Competition

Jim Geerdes, Positivity Editior

A new Star Wars contest is about to hit City High.

Teacher Nathan Hellwig and LMC coordinator Jeff Morris have announced that they will be running a Star Wars trivia game. This game is in anticipation of the upcoming release of “Episode Seven: The Force Awakens,” coming out on December 18th.

Every day, starting Monday the 30th of November, and until the release, Hellwig and Morris will add a new question for students to attempt to answer. Morris will have questions available for interested students in the library. Students who get the question right will have their name put into a jar. A student can keep adding their name by continuously answering the questions, thus increasing their odds of winning. The trivia questions will be based off the first three movies. The student who wins will earn two tickets to the premier of “The Force Awakens.”

Hellwig will be showing the original trilogy of Star Wars in Opstad Auditorium on Monday, the 17th of December.

May the force be with you.