Eyeas gymnastics team places 4th at home meet


Gabriel Weigel

Whole Eyas team is watching Kyden Martinez compete on Pommel Horse.

Gabriel Weigel, Reporter

At the home IBI meet on February 13th. Gymnasts Max and Sam Piper compete at the old Field House by Kinnick stadium with their team mates, Kyden Martinez, Christopher Langland, Lucas Lorber, and injured Cody Jaspers. The team got fourth, however, they claimed this meet as a win as none of the gymnasts were injured and everyone came out healthy.

“I love the sport, it’s great!” Max Piper ’18 said. “However, I do worry about injury.”

Max and Sam have been gymnasts for nine years and this 10th year they hope to go to nationals.

“Right now, I just hope to stay on the event, and I hope that’s enough to get me to nationals.”

Nationals is at Providence, Rhode Island from June eighth to the 13th.