Senior Paint Fight Update

The class of 2017 is invited to take part in the popular annual event before City High plays Linn Marr in the first football game of the season.


The class of 2016 participates in the paint fight.

Jim Geerdes and Addie Bass

What is blue, white, and red all over?

The traditional City High Senior Paint Fight will take place this Friday, August 26, on the front lawn of City at 6 pm. Seniors should arrive in white clothing, as well as bring plenty of blue and red acrylic and/or washable paint. Students are advised that some paints may not wash out of certain clothing material.

The paint fight will commence before the 7 pm kickoff of the football game between the Little Hawks and Linn Marr. Non-seniors can still participate in the student section by dressing up in this week’s theme of “whiteout”.