Experience Describes New Coach


Jonathan House

Coach Derek Roberts speaks during the boys basketball scrimmage back in November

It all started on a black top in a church parking lot behind Coach Derek Roberts’ house when he was growing up. From then on, he would continue to pursue his dream with the game of basketball.

Coach Roberts, played ball in high school and continued to play in college until his senior year when he aquired an injury and realized his chances of making into the NBA was slim.

“I went to college and played but I tore my ACL my senior year the second day of practice and it was tough that I missed my senior year of playing,” Roberts said. “I also wanted to be in the NBA but then they found out there wasn’t enough room for a 6’3 guy who can’t jump all that well.”

Nevertheless, Roberts decided to attend the University of Iowa in mechanical engineering but realized something was missing.

“I decided to go into mechanical engineering at The University of Iowa, but I felt something was missing so I got my coaching certification, I mean I do have my engineering degree which has lead me to teaching,” Roberts said.

Roberts’ coaching career then kicked off at Mid Prairie High School in 2010, leading the team to a state championship. Afterwards, Roberts continued to move school to school, coaching now for his 7th year.

“[The year after Mid Prairie] I went to Cedar Rapids Kennedy where I was a varsity assistant for three years and head sophomore coach for two, then I went to Ankeny Centennial for two years in which I was head sophomore and assistant varsity again. Then last year was my first job head coaching at Maquoketa High School and then this year [at City High],” Coach Roberts said.

Now, coaching Varsity Basketball at City High, Roberts believes he has a unique opportunity to work with a class 4A team.

“It was a unique opportunity and I wanted to get back to 4A. I think [4A] is very competitive and you can run your program in unique ways along with more depth,” Roberts said. “Iowa City High was just a unique situation with a good foundation that Coach Showalter had put down.”