Davenport West Defeated In First Post-Season Match


Allyson Guyer and Gabe Baird

The first round of post-season play began last night for the Little Hawks. The varsity took down Davenport West in three easy matches.

“I think we were very nervous at the first match because it’s our first post-season game, I think we shaped up by the last two quarters and became more aggressive,” Coach Craig Pitcher said

The players put in effort were rewarded in the end.

“I think we played really well, tried our hardest, and we won,” Cecilia Aldrich-Ingram ‘20 said.

The team will be advancing onto the next match at Bettendorf on the 25th of October. Though the City High varsity team fell to Bettendorf earlier this season, they have high hopes. City hasn’t won a state championship since 2012, though varsity has qualified for state multiple times since. If the team defeats Bettendorf it will advance to the state championships.

“I think we can make it to state for sure, we have a good team made up of many powerful players,” Mr. Bacon, City High Principal, said.