City’s New Advisory Scheduling System

Victor Kalil, Executive Editor

Advisory passes will be switching from paper to City High’s latest stage in digitalization. Instead of a student getting a pass from a teacher, teachers can use a website called Flexisched to request students for the advisory period. The system has been in place for a few weeks already, but starting this Friday, paper passes will no longer be available to go to a teacher’s classroom during advisory.

“[Flexisched] helps us do a couple of things because we can track student use of advisory a little bit better. It makes it easier for teachers to plan out in advance what they want to do for advisory.” said Doug Lestina, a teacher at City High.

Lestina believes that the system will make advisory more available for both students and teachers.

“Students won’t have to keep track of passes or find the teacher they want to see without having to find them.” said Lestina. “Teachers will be able to do the same thing. They won’t necessarily have to find a student in order to call them in to get help during advisory.”

Patrick McMillan ‘18 also believes the new system will be useful.

“I think it’s good that they’re going digital.” said McMillan ‘18. “[Flexisched] is probably more organized for teachers. They’ll have designated groups that they can put together beforehand to have a more effective use of advisory time.”

To sign into your Flexisched account, you can go to and sign in with Google using your ICCSD account.