Feature Talent: Ana Koch


Photo Courtesy of Ana Koch

Ana Koch ’21 playing the guitar

Rika Yahashiri, Reporter

From electric to acoustic, Ana Koch ‘21 really knows how to make a crowd wild with her sophisticated solos whether it’s rock or jazz. Since she started playing guitar at age 8, Ana has been jamming out every day.

The main reason that I picked it up is because my dad plays it too. I’d grown up listening to him play and watching him fix guitars downstairs while listening to various artists on vinyl,” Koch said. “He’s a big help when I need help with a song or chart I’m working on.”

Koch started to take lessons and play classical music to get down the basics. As she progressed through the first year she began to play more jazz, rock, R&B, and folk music with her teacher John Lake.

When I got into junior high, I started jazz band and began playing music in my free time with new people I’d met through it,” Koch said. “I really enjoyed it and started to play solos.”

Koch gained confidence through these performances as she progressed through school.

“When it comes to performing, I get nervous really easily beforehand,” Koch said. “But it’s a lot of fun once you start playing.”

From seventh-grade jazz band to freshman year of high school, Koch has gotten involved in many more musical activities with her guitar. Koch participates in many different extracurricular activities before and after school.

“This year at City High I participated in the show choir combo, band, jazz band, and I’ll be doing the pit band for the upcoming musical. I also do cross country in the fall and take art classes outside of school,” Koch said. “Sometimes it can be difficult to find time to practice when I’m really busy, but whenever I have free time, practicing is usually what I’m doing.”

Last year Koch was invited to play in a rock band with some of her friends from school.

“When I was in eighth grade, I’d been invited by Tobey Epstein to play in a band with him, Zach Piker, Evren Sasamazer (West Liberty High School), and Sean Harken (West High School),” Koch said. “We still play together today and practice on most weekends.”

Koch has yet to think about the future but definitely wants to keep on playing guitar throughout her life.

“I’ve gained a lot of experience from playing music with other people in bands, or just for fun,” Koch said. “I also accept any offers to play with other people or perform, not only because it’s a lot of fun, but because there’s a lot you can learn from other musicians and it provides opportunities to improve and expand your horizons.”