The Little Hoax shamed with IHSPA’s Worst News Team of the Year Finalist

Reese Hill, Reporter

Racking up a whopping 158 demerits in IHSPA’s spring contest, The Little Hoax qualified to be nominated for the 2018 Worst News Team of the Year.

“It’s so grounding when your work gets recognized like this,” said Fake News and Plagiarism Editor Wendy Robinson ’19. “It made us realize what an influential team we are and how the work we’re doing really sticks with others.  I think that’s what we were going for.”

The Little Hoax editing and reporting team are already plugging away to improve for next year’s contest.

“We’re a terrible source of news, honestly,” said Bias Editor Frank Harris ’18. “But I figured, if we’re going to be that bad, we might as well be the best at being the worst.”