City Music Groups Come Together To Perform Mozart’s Requiem

On the anniversary of Mozart’s death, December 5, City High’s symphony orchestra, members of the wind ensemble, and the top two choirs performed Mozart’s Requiem, a composition that he started but didn’t even complete before passing away. This was all a part of the choir’s annual Masterworks concert held in Opstad Auditorium. The orchestra and choirs rehearsed the music separately for four weeks, then the week before when they started rehearsing together. Julia Coelho ‘19, a member of the concert choir, enjoyed the unique experience to perform a well-known and difficult piece of music.

“I loved working on the masterworks concert, it was the most challenging music I’ve ever worked on,” Coelho said. “It was very exciting to work with the orchestra, it added to the experience.”

Performing this elaborate piece of music took a lot of time and hard work for the entire music department.

“I had never sang such a well-known and masterul piece before,” Coelho said. “It was a lot of pressure singing one of the greatest composed pieces of all time.”

Orchestra director Megan Stucky enjoyed preparing this composition with the orchestra, but says that it was a great challenge due to the lack of time they had to prepare the piece.

“The biggest challenge in preparing this piece was our timeline,” Stucky said. “We had four weeks to rehearse such a difficult piece but the students focused well and came together at the end.”

Coelho recognizes the special opportunity that the City High music department provided her with.

“I’m very honored I had the opportunity to learn and perform this piece with my high school peers. Not many high schools could pull this type of music off,” Coelho said.