Shoe Trends

The Little Hawk caught up with some City High students to ask them about what kinds of footwear trends they're rocking this season at the school that leads.

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  • Javonte Butler ‘19 wearing Jordans “I'm wearing some Jordan 10s at the moment. I've had these for probably also six months to a year. The Jordan brand is popular; it's a fashion statement. They have nice shoes. But these shoes in particular I wear because not many people have these. So when I do try to get the Jordans I try to get a pair that not everyone has or want.”

  • Emma Altemeier ‘22 wearing white Crocs. “I wear them like every day. I bought these as a Christmas gift because they're comfortable. Because it’s winter, I feel like not a lot of people wear them, so I guess it's a bold move. I also have different colored Crocs in pink and yellow. I started wearing them before they became a trend. I started wearing them for softball because some of my teammates wore them. So [I] was just like, ‘Why not?’”

  • Angie Dean (staff) wearingBirkenstocks “I have really wide feet and my feet are really hot and my office is really hot so [Birkenstocks] is perfect. [They were] $90. They are super comfortable and they last forever. You kind of get what you pay for. I would recommend someone to buy Birkenstocks.”

  • JayDaVonyae "Jay" Hickman wearing ASIC Gel Late 3“Right now I have some Eight Six Jell Eye Three. I bought them because they were on sale for 80 bucks and...their regular price is $120. I [also] like shoes. They're pretty comfortable...these are running shoes, but I wear them for design. I've had them for maybe two years. My favorite shoe brand is Nike. I usually try to buy them, [but] you name it, I'll probably wear it.”