Check-In With Tennis

Victoria Weckmann, Reporter

The first men’s varsity tennis meet at City High is officially over, and despite some crushing losses, Evan Hansen ‘19 is optimistic for the upcoming season.

“[My goals are] probably to improve as much as I can and win as many matches as I can,” Hansen said.

Hansen is not new to tennis but is discovering how different playing on varsity is.

“This is my second year of tennis; I played junior varsity last year,” Hansen said. “Varsity practices are a bit more serious than junior varsity and there are fewer people [on the team].”

Despite the fact that he is newer to the sport, Hansen is still keeping a positive mindset.

“I felt pretty prepared for this match because we practice a lot with [Coach] Chip [Hardesty] the few weeks before the first meet,” Hansen said.

And of course, he is not only looking forward to the upcoming games but to just having fun.

“Everybody is pretty good friends on the team and we all like tennis so it’s a lot of fun,” Hansen said.