Q&A with the Seniors of Les Mis

Ruth Meehan, Reporter

The Little Hawk: What shows have you been in?

Alejandra Revelez-Poindexter ‘19: I was in Grease my freshman year, Guys and Dolls my sophomore year. Junior year I was in Little Shop of Horrors and now I am in Les Miserables.

Claire Green ‘19: Wizard of Oz in third grade. When I got to high school I was in Grease, To Kill a Mockingbird, Guys and Dolls, Charlotte’s Web, Little Shop of Horrors, an Evening of Comedy and Les Miserables.

Joshua Fletcher ‘19: Les Miserables will be my first and last show at City High.

Virginia Muturi ‘19: My first show was Little Shop of Horrors last year’s spring musical. Then this year I was in the Laugh Out Loud Night of Comedy and am currently in Les Miserables.


LH: How did you first get involved

ARP: Well freshman year they were doing my favorite musical of all time so I was like why not audition.

CG: I actually transferred from Regina because theatre was and is a big part of my life and I really wanted to be in a school that had a really good theatre program. It was one of my main goals going into high school because I had already been involved with theatre programs around Iowa City.

JF: I think how it happened was I was in the combo for show choir. A lot of people in show choir also do are in the drama department. They were the people who convinced me to try out.

VM: I have always loved acting so I took the acting class with Mr. Peters. He had the sign up for the spring musical in his room and encouraged be to tryout. I did not no anything about the show, music, story. Then eventually I auditioned.


LH: What is your favorite memory from your time in the drama department?

ARP: Probably meeting my two favorite people in the world Tommy Brands and Natalie Almerato who graduated last year.

CG: My favorite memory was during a workday I was with Tommy Brands, Addie Bass and some other kids in the drama program and we were playing tag in the balcony. We were jumping over chairs and screaming because Addie had said she saw the women in red. She told us the legend of the women in red and that story is something I like to tell the freshman every year.

JF: Acting and drama is just something new and exciting to me. It has been a lot of fun to expand my horizons and do something I have never tried before.

VM: Last year’s spring musical. It was one of the greatest things I have done at city high. I have played basketball, football, and was homecoming queen but one of the best things I have done is join the drama department. I feel like I truly found myself by being involved.


LH: What will you miss the most about the program?

ARP: The people, over anything else.

CG: What I will miss most is just how much of a family everyone is. I’m going to miss just hanging out with my friends at rehearsals, tech week, meals and all that good stuff

JF:  There are lots of cool people and that is what i’ll miss most.

VM: I will definitely miss the whole family feel of the program. I will probably have another group like that in college but this department is so friendly and welcoming.


LH: What is something you have learned?

ARP: Just have more confidence to be honest. Confidence is one of the main things I am still learning how to show.

CG: Something that I’ve learned is that everyone has talent and is good at something. And if you don’t get that lead part it is okay because someone else is going to do such a good job with it that it doesn’t matter.

JF: I have learned that acting is much harder than I thought it would be! It also taught me to try something new. I tried this new thing drama and it worked out in the end.

VM: I have learned about myself! I have found out that I love to meet new people and try new things that are different.


LH: What are your plans for the future?

ARP: Going to Kirkwood for two years then two years at the university. I hope to become an elementary school teacher

CG: Next year I am going to the University of Iowa with a liberal arts major with an emphasis on nursing plus environmental policy and engineering

JF: I’ll probably go to college. I’m not quite sure where but it’s fine.

VM: I plan to go to the University of Iowa and I will major in theatre arts.