The 2019 Iowa City Youth Awards


Cecile Bendera

Phil Tyne holding their certificate from the 2019 Iowa City Youth Award

Cecile Bendera, Culture Editor

On May 8, 2019, at 7:00 pm, 44 students were inducted as recipients of the 16th Iowa City Youth Award at the Englert Theatre in downtown Iowa City. The Iowa City Youth Award recognizes young people who are assisting in human rights in Iowa City. The process begins with a nomination which is later evaluated and considered Organization

Everline Bwayo ‘20 was nominated by Henri Harper, who coordinated the 2018 FasTrac Civil Rights Tour.

“I was honored to be nominated by Henri Harper,” said Bwayo. “I felt like honored to be nominated by Mr. Harper because I didn’t know someone acknowledge[d] my work in the community. Mr. Harper is the person I look up to, so it was special to get a nomination.”

Xeniphiliushil Tyne ‘20 was nominated by Mary Peterson, a City High guidance counselor, for their work in LGBTQ+ activism.

“It is good to acknowledge the work that youth do in their community as to encourage them to continue to do human rights work in their lives,” said Tyne.