JV Women’s Tennis Meet Recap


Jae Dancer

Evelyn Wolfe ’19 strikes the ball on City High’s home court

Jae Dancer, Reporter

Unexpected frigid and windy weather on May 9 caused many JV serves to spiral out of control, but even with the poor conditions, City High Women’s tennis managed to gain a win against West High’s JV Women’s team. Previously, City High lost 1-8 against West High mid-April, and this was good motivation to come back for another chance to beat West.  

“My match went really well. My doubles partner and I won 4-3 in our match,” Cecelia Ingram ‘20 said. “We could have definitely improved on not hitting it into the net, and our serves still aren’t the best, so we’re definitely working on those.”

In terms of state, City High’s Varsity players Kelsey Law ‘20, Caroline Carter ‘20, Abigail McCormick ’21, and Irene Samuelson ‘19 are all on City High’s roster for state and hopes are high for them to compete in the tournament at the end of May.