Interact Club Brings Snacks For AP Test Takers

Snacks overflowed the Interact club’s shopping cart. Later, as Advanced Placement  World History students filed out of the testing area to take their 15-minute break between test segments, they noticed a table piled high with apples, clementines, rice crispy treats, fruit snacks, and granola bars.

“We thought it would be a good ideafor [Interact Club’s] last project,” Rachel Volkman ‘19 said. “[We decided] to use our last fundraiser to raise money to purchase snacks.”

Interact Club had a bake sale to raise the money, and then went to Costco to get the snacks.

“It felt like one of those math problems when I was walking out of Costco,” Volkman said. “I had 10 boxes of granola bars and nine boxes of fruitstacked high on my cart.”

As the members of Interact were brainstorming, they thought about the service dogs at City last year to help relieve stress in the final weeks of school. They decided they wanted to do something to help make life less stressful for students. Originally, the club members left the snacks in the gym foyer at the beginning of the test, but then they ran into a problem.

“People who weren’t taking the tests ended up taking [the snacks],” Volkman said. “So [afterward] we waited until closer to the break.”

From there on, two club members signed up to leave class early and bring the snacks to the foyer.

“I just think that it’s important to eat before [people] take these big tests that impact what credit they get in college,” Volkman said. “[These tests] are a really big deal.”