Dear 2109 – The Little Hawk Advice Column

Ruth Meehan and Aala Basheir

Dear 2109,

What do you do when you have an awful teacher (because they don’t teach) and you can’t learn anything in their class but you want to still be in the class?

Dear Struggling Student,

Having a bad teacher is hard, but really evaluate if the teacher is bad. These teachers have gone to school for teaching and have had lots of practice in their given subject. Maybe you aren’t comfortable with their teaching style yet. Remember we have only been in school for a month. Try talking to other students who have had that teacher and get advice from them. If you really can’t deal with that teacher, you can try talking to a guidance counselor about switching teachers but my advice is to try and work it out and make the most out of the class, even if you don’t like your teacher.


Dear 2109,

How do you break up with someone?

Dear Heartless Heartbreaker,

The burden of breaking up with someone can take a toll on you, so it’s understandable to want to get it over with in the fastest way possible. DO NOT do it over text! Make the break up reflect the relationship, if you had a loving relationship with someone you respect then make the breakup just as loving and respectful. And after the breakup, don’t go gossiping about your ex because that will never end well. Do it in a mature adult like manner, it will really help in the long run even if it seems hard now.


Dear 2109,

As a freshman I didn’t try a lot of things and now that I’m older I wish I had, so I joined a lot of things this year. I joined some new clubs and am trying new sports. I’m starting to feel really stressed about getting all of my homework done and doing all of my activities. I really want to continue all of the activities I’m involved in but I’m worried it will effect my schoolwork. What should I do?

Dear Overextended Olive,

It’s great that you are trying new things but there comes a breaking point when you are just doing too much. It is up to you to know when you have reached that breaking point. If you have overextended yourself that’s okay and nothing to be ashamed of. Just remember that school comes first, activities second. If you are like me, you are definitely guilty of switching the two around. As for staying caught up on school work, I would advise coming to school early and using that extra time as a study hall. You can talk to teachers, get help from friends or get caught up on homework.