Prepping for the Basketball Season with Andie Westlake


Natalie Green

Andie Westlake ’22 plays in the state tournament as a freshman.

Frances Bottorff, Reporter

As a freshman, Andie Westlake ‘22 played varsity basketball. Her shooting skills showed through on the court because she shot over 30% on the three-point line. Ever since the season ended, she has  continued to train. 

“Most of us have been lifting three times a week and we’ve been doing open gyms throughout the summer and throughout the school year,” said Westlake. “We’ve been preparing quite a lot for this upcoming season.”

Westlake is excited to see how the team can improve from last year and grow throughout the season. 

“To improve from last year we need to go a little harder in practice, we need to make every situation like we’re in a game,”said Westlake. “Even the games when we’re winning by a lot and we’re not too worried, we still need to play our hardest to prepare for the tough games that are up ahead.”

This year, Westlake is looking forward to seeing just how far the team can make it in the state tournament. 

“I’m excited to play with all my friends,” said Westlake. “We’re very close as a team and we have a really good team this year so I’m excited to see how far we get in the state tournament.”