West Wins the Golden Speedo at Senior Night

Carly Weigel, Reporter

City High shoots off the blocks during the 200 free relay, Forrest Frazier ‘20 leading the group followed by Caleb Coons ‘22, Bryce Edens ‘22, and Isaac Weigel ‘21. They hit the wall just behind the combined team of West and Liberty, shattering the school record set in 1994 with a new time of 1:27.26. Although the new record holders accomplished their goal of breaking the record, it wasn’t enough to pull ahead of West, leaving the final scores of the night to a West High victory of 53-117.

“It was a loss, but it was a loss against some of our best friends,” team captain Mark Krysan ‘20 said. “I don’t think this meet is really going to hurt [our mentality] because we just swam a team record.”

Frazier agrees that the loss was not detrimental to the team’s spirit.

“Everybody seems really positive this year. Last year, toward the end of the season, I felt like we might have struggled a bit with that because we had lots of guys injured and a really small team,” Frazier said. “The team this year is really big and full of energy.”

Edens snatched third place in the 100 freestyle (50.32), while Weigel and Coons got second in two of their events, the 200 freestyle and the 100 backstroke (53.56), respectively. Weigel got his hand on the wall first in the 500, however, with a time of 4:50.58.

“I think the excitement that we’ve had is going to be brought in to the rest of the season and our last few invites,” Krysan said. “We’ve had some amazing swims for a regular season meet.”

While Frazier lost his presiding meet record in the 100 butterfly to West High’s Izaak Hajek, he set a new meet record in the 100 breaststroke with a time of 54.82, beating the previous record of 59.90 by over five seconds.

“Tonight was a little sad, I’m definitely going to miss it,” Frazier said. “[This meet] was a good one, though.”

The team’s senior night ended on a bittersweet note, seniors Frazier and Krysan noted. While the last dual meet of the season was ultimately a defeat, the boys were happy that they were able to race their friends to the west one more time.

“It’s sad because this is the last season I have with these guys,” Krysan said. “It’s been three years, like they’ve been the best years in my life so far, but it’s also sweet because I’m onto the next stage of my life.”

While Frazier’s old time in the 100 fly was overtaken by Izaak Hajek (West), his time of 54.82 claimed the spot as the new 100 breast meet record.