City High Students React to Impeachment Proceedings


Victoria Weckmann

Infographic by Victoria Weckmann

Victoria Weckmann, Marketing Editor

President Donald Trump was impeached on Wednesday, December 18, by the House of Representatives. According to The Hill, more than half of Americans feel that President Trump did something wrong concerning the impeachment, with the number sitting around 53 percent.

“I have mixed feelings about Trump being impeached. I feel strongly that Donald Trump has violated the law and the Constitution on numerous occasions, and is unfit to be president, and thus should be impeached and removed from office,” said Adam Engelbrecht ‘20. “I believe strongly that Congress has to carry out their duty in this instance.”

However, Engelbrecht also does not feel that the Democratic party is blameless.

“I don’t believe for a second that the Democratic party is operating in good faith in this instance. They are weaponizing impeachment, trying to use it as a political tool to gain leverage over Trump, rather than gaining leverage by supporting policy that would fundamentally improve the lives of people. The Democratic party is pushing this narrative that removing Trump from office will somehow fix everything, and that’s a dangerous game to play when most Americans care more about their healthcare than who the president is,” Engelbrecht said.

According to a survey taken among City High Students, about 65 percent of students would label their political affiliation as being Democratic, about 18 percent independent, and about 13 percent Republican, with the rest preferring not to say.

This being said, 81 percent of students reported tending to agree or feel glad about Donald Trump’s impeachment while 19 percent were more dissatisfied with the impeachment.

“I think Trump definitely deserves to be impeached. He has gone way beyond all of the other presidents with the crazy, harmful, and terrible things that he has done,” said Iris Wedemeyer ‘23. “I think the large majority at City High would agree that Trump is not fit to be president.”

However, about 75 percent of students wish for President Trump to be removed from office, while around 15 percent do not.

This is higher than the national average, where Vox reported that about 51 percent of Americans are calling for the removal of office from Donald Trump.

“The only other thing I would say is that impeaching and removing Donald Trump won’t get people Medicare-for-All, or fix a broken criminal justice system,” Engelbrecht said. “The Democrats should carry out their constitutional duty, but they need to stop acting like removing him will actually fix anything.”