Show Choir Faces Challenges Amid Pandemic

Paris Fuller, News Editor

This year show choir director Dr.Hagy revealed in an email that City High would not be participating in show choir competitions which is what students spend weeks training for. Seniors this year including Ana VanBeek ‘21 feel devastated by these drastic and fast changes.

 “As a senior, I feel I have missed out on every single possible opportunity there is, this extends to organizing fun things within show choir, to the appreciation ceremony that we won’t get at the end of the year,” VanBeek said.

Many clubs have felt the wrath of covid this year with many up and down schedule changes and many activities within the club dropped such as team dinners, parties, and in person meetings and bonding time. Things have changed including where they practiced which was the school parking lot. 

“The main difference I see is the amount of stress that people are under. In terms of show choir I would say that things are a lot harder to learn when switching from online to in person,” VanBeek said.

Show choir itself still remains a constant for the students at City High meeting at the same place and time. This year instead of wearing costumes and makeup students will be wearing masks.

“I still love show choir and it’s nice to be able to see my friends again but there are so many changes. But show choir us a nice way to not focus on what’s going on and just focus on doing what I love which is singing and dancing.” VanBeek said.