Embrace the Holidays during the Pandemic

Rachel Marsh, Photo Editor

According to the CDC, an inside, community-wide with people traveling in, events that will last a long time, without social distancing or mask-wearing is the worst-case scenario when planning events for the upcoming holiday season. Since COVID is hitting another peak, the CDC also recommends not going out unless for absolute necessities. Here is our list of some better alternatives.

  1. In-home family meal with a fancy dress code
  2. Make traditional family foods and no contact drop them off at family/friends house
  3. Online black Friday shopping
  4. Outdoor, distanced holiday meal with local friends/family in someone’s backyard
  5. Sled with friends/family with masks on
  6. Virtual Christmas morning present opening
  7. Go to a local orchard or Christmas tree farm with masks and precautions
  8. Virtual Christmas cookie tour, show off what you made
  9. Netflix party your favorite holiday movie with friends/family
  10. Play an online game and zoom with friends/family


*The CDC also states those who have tested positive and have not recovered, those who show symptoms, who are awaiting test results, who have had exposure to someone who is positive or who are at increased risk or are around someone at increased risk, should not host or attend events.*