End of the Season Showcase for Show Choir


COURTESY of Rachel M

Lucy Corbin ’22, Ruth Meehan ’22, Jake Roth ’22, Tyler Hagy, Aaron Rutherford, Rachel Marsh ’22, and Sara Cassidy ’22 all pose for a picture

Paris Fuller, News Editor

Show choir ends the season with a showcase and special act despite the global pandemic. Schools are now open five days a week with students having the decision of either all online or all in person. Show choir remains a constant for many students of City High. 

“It’s [show choir] pretty much the same as it is all the other years. I enjoy having an outlet after school to do fun things with my friends like dancing and singing.” Said Ana Vanbeek ‘21.

Show choir members are continuing to practice choreography and singing for their end-of-the-year showcase which includes honoring seniors, special performances from students, and group performances.

“Show choir overall this year has definitely had more stressful aspects, such as not being able to practice vocals in person and not being able to progress as quickly as previous years,” Said Meehan ‘21. “I feel that City High show choirs have done a great job of overcoming these obstacles and provide us with a fulfilling and engaging season.” 

Show choir ends after the showcase, leaving seniors with the memories of a year of differences.

“We have been extremely lucky to have a show choir season this year knowing that other schools haven’t been able to have that experience at all. Show choir definitely provides us with some “normal” during this time of uncertainty and I am super thankful to my directors and teammates for making that happen.” Said Meehan ‘21