Show Choir Holds Auditions to Prepare for a ‘Transition Back to Normal’ in 2022


Anastacia Laux

Show choir auditions for 2022 were held in the gym. Students learned learned new choreography to prepare for auditions.

Anastacia Laux, Reporter

With the music vibrating through their bodies, students follow along as the show choir choreographer teaches a dance routine used for the show choir choreography auditions. Unlike previous years, the auditions were held in the gym so students could spread out due to the pandemic.  Students learned new choreography to perform to be selected for next year’s 4th Avenue Show choir team.

Similar to many other school activities, the show choir was faced with the challenge of continuing this year in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. With the decline of cases and mask regulations, the show choir is hoping to return back to a sense of normalcy next fall.

“This past year, everything changed. We learned all of our shows on Zoom; [the students] had to do all of their formations six feet apart with masks. They didn’t even compete this year, so lots of things changed with Covid-19, but I’m hoping that things are surely but slowly going back to normal and that we’ll be able to have a normal season next year,” Lexi Robson, the choreographer for show choir, said.

To prepare for the choreography auditions held this past May, students assembled in the main gym to learn the dance routines they would be judged upon. Tyler Hagy, the choir director, felt that this would give students a sense of comradery during these distanced times.

“The actual audition will look similar [to] the past. The choreography audition [is important] so they can see each other and support each other,” Hagy said.

As Covid-19 cases have been on the decline, the show choir has transitioned more toward dancing as a full group. As an alternative to the confined choir room, rehearsals have been held in the cafeteria. Tables had to be moved every day, and everything must be sanitized.

“We’re trying to get transitioned back into normalcy,” Hagy said. “Hopefully in the summer [we’ll] have our normal choreography camp here at the school – hopefully in the choir room.”

Transitioning “back into normalcy” also brings the exciting prospect of returning to state competitions.

“As of right now, we have a normal year, so we’ll go to five competitions with our varsity group and four competitions with our prep group,” Hagy said.

Along with competitions, home performances are being planned as well as the Winter Show and Spring Show held at City High.

“The kids have just been so resilient this year through everything they’ve had to do in order to make this activity work,” Hagy said. “I know they’re certainly looking forward to getting back to a more normal year.”