Art Club Starts Up Again


An art club meeting after school on a Tuesday.

Rosangel Flores-Rubio, Editor

The tapping of pencils filled the art room as students began plans for their latest projects. Michael Close and Dan Peterson, the art teachers, got ready to welcome everyone as Art Club made its reappearance.  After months of students being away from the art dungeon, the rooms have reopened their doors to students with the welcoming of City High’s brand new art teacher, Margaret Yocius. 

“It’s been a real treat, seeing students in person after being their online teacher for the whole year,” Yocius said.  

Last school year, Yocius was an online teacher, giving her the opportunity to have students from all throughout the district in her classes. Now, however, Yocius is teaching at City High in the afternoons. She participates in Art Club along with the United Action for Youth (UAY) members, a drastic change from last year. 

“In the early parts of the quarantine there [was] basically nothing,” Carrie, a UAY member, said. “For the mos

t part, they’ve gone back to their regular programming on all the days they used to do [art meetings].” 

As the club returns back to its usual activities, many students are excited to participate in the new activities the club has lined up. One student requested to have a pin maker available in class and another requested to have ceramics supplies ready. 

“It’s a place to really sit down and be dedicated to working on improving, or to just sit down and unwind, which is really nice,” Miranda Ryfe ‘24 said while she was sitting with other friends at Art Club. 

“I think it’s mostly the same [as] last year. Of course, it is really small and the first meetings are always really big, and then it sort of tapers off

to a core group by mid-first tri,” Peterson said. 

Art Club is open to anyone looking to channel their creativity, even if you don’t bring your own supplies. It takes place every Tuesday from 4:00 to 5:00(ish) after school in the school’s basement.