City High Welcomes a New Art Teacher

With school back to being fully in-person, Margaret Yocius starts her career as a City High art teacher for the first time on school premises


Anastacia Laux, A&E Editor

A year after teaching students across the school district art classes online, Margaret Yocius begins teaching in the City High art classroom for the first time. While only starting out this year as an art teacher at our school, Yocius comes as an experienced artist.

Having received her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in ceramics and minor in printmaking and metal artwork, Yocius pursued her love for art by teaching in several communities.

“I’ve worked with different youth organizations in Chicago teaching art classes, [and] I’ve worked in Maine teaching art classes to the community. Really, ever since high school I’ve been teaching art classes,” Yocius said.

Prior to teaching this year at City High, Yocius taught within the Iowa City Community School District for five years with students of all ages.

“I’ve worked with preschool students all the way through elementary, junior, and high school, and then in adult classes [as well],” Yocius said.  “I’ve also worked at the senior center in Iowa City.”

Yocius is starting off her work at City High by teaching painting and art forms, transitioning into painting and expressive drawing during the third trimester. 

“Being new, I decided to spend the beginning [of this year] observing and seeing what’s happening,” Yocius said. “Then by the end of the year, I look forward to implementing some of my own ideas into the studio that I think students would enjoy.”

One idea Yocius hopes to implement is further developing the new printmaking class. The newly formed class currently has a large printing press which was donated to the school.

While Yocius’ career at City High has only just begun, she has already noticed many perks about the school that she enjoys.

“I feel like the students here are very excited about taking [art] classes. Many students are very thoughtful in their art-making process. It’s fun to have conversations with students about their ideas, what directions they want their projects to go in. I like helping them figure out how to make it a reality,” Yocius said.