Top Ranked City High Football


Lauren Koch

The City High football team holds the boot for a picture.

Max Berry-Stoelzle, Sports Editor

With a win over West High in the battle for the boot, City High football team continued their undefeated streak. Leading the Trojans in passing yards, rushing yards, and even interceptions, City High dominated the game, leading to a 56-7 victory, the largest point differential between the two teams since 2008.

“[This is the] first time that’s ever happened,” Coach Mitch Moore said. “No [class] has ever won all three trophies. And so it’s never been done before and for the senior class to put the work in they have for the last eight months and to be able to say they’re the first ones ever to hold all three trophies is pretty special.”

In Moore’s first season with City High School football, the coach has already led the football team through the beginning of their season undefeated, with a five game win streak, winning the Zeus trophy, the Cy-Hawk trophy, and the Boot along the way.

“Our style is just different [from previous coaches], we instill our tempo and energy in practice, you can’t just do it on Friday night. So at practice we run around from segment segment and always [stay] on the move,” Moore said. “That [then] helps when we transition to Friday night [and our] tempo can’t be matched.”

City High is one of only two teams with an undefeated record after six games, and is currently ranked second in class 5A only behind Cedar Rapids Kennedy, the only other team with a record of 6-0.

“I’m just grateful to have [Coach Moore] as a coach this year,” Ben Kueter ‘22, Tight End for the Little Hawks said.

This year the City High Football team has demolished most of their competition, currently holding a positive point differential of +247 points, scoring 276, and conceding 29 with a clean sheet in three out of six games.

“We’ve found our groove,” Moore said. “We found what works, and found that our process Monday through Thursday is really what gets us wins on Friday.”