Athlete Spotlight: Eviyon Richardson


Tommy June Simmons

Eviyon Richardson prepares to shoot a free throw.

In 2021, City High Women’s Basketball continues its tradition of greatness by adding to their total record over the past 4 seasons, now having 79 wins to only 8 losses. After a slight dropoff in an awkward 2020 covid-riddled season, the women’s basketball team has retained its spot as a top 5A team in the state. Senior Eviyon Richardson gives her thoughts about the team’s success along with her plans after high school. 

Richardson began playing basketball around the age of 7 when she moved to Iowa City from Waterloo. She was previously into music but became interested in basketball.

“I wanted something more to do so I started playing basketball,” Richardson said. “Ever since then, I just really liked the game. I’m a competitive person, so I feel like it just kind of stuck with me.”

Through playing basketball, she met multiple of her City High teammates when she was in elementary school. Such close relationships with her teammates are a big part of her motivation and are an important part of her growth on and off the court.  

“We’ve been together since elementary school so we’re kind of like a family,” Richardson said. “They hold me accountable and it helps me take responsibility for my actions. They have always motivated me as a student and an athlete.”

When asked about the reasons behind City’s success, Richardson put emphasis on a change in mentality and community, as the players and coaches have practically stayed the same. This trust shared between teammates is a big part of City High’s success this season.

“I think this team trusts each other more than last year. The team effort mentality has changed, we are more patient with each other and play more as a team. We’ve had a good start to the season because we have played as a family and as a team.”

Richardson is used to being a part of a top team in the state, as she was a part of two teams that competed in the state tournament her freshman and sophomore year. Taking a lead role as a scorer has been something she has developed as she played throughout high school, as she grew confidence and stepped into a bigger role as an upperclassmen. Richardson is currently leading the team in rebounds. 

“I’ve always had the ability, but now I have the physical size and confidence too,” said Richardson. “I wasn’t as confident during my freshman and sophomore years because I was playing alongside three Division one commits. Being in a versatile position, I think that now I’ve been shooting more and showing my full potential.”

When asked about her personal goals for this season, Richardson was quick to respond. As usual, City High Women’s Basketball has their eyes on a state title. They have not won a title since 2008, although constant success has allowed them to get close multiple times in the past five years. 

“I’m hoping that we’ll get a state title,” Richardson said. “That’s the big picture right now. We’re just trying to take one game at a time and focusing on executing the little things, so we can be the team that we’re capable of. I’ve also focused on school more to prepare myself for college.”

Richardson also has future basketball plans, as she is committed to Nebraska-Omaha. She is looking to continue to improve her game to succeed on the next level throughout her last high school season. Aspects of her game need improvement to succeed at the collegiate level, and she touches on a few important parts of her game. 

“Just making sure I’m in good shape, learning to be more of a leader by guiding other people. From a vocal standpoint, I’m preparing myself by communicating as a team on offense. I want to be ready for that college environment. 

When asked about why she chose Nebraska-Omaha, Richardson talked about how comfortable she feels with the program. Similar to the City team, she is ready to step into another tight-knit group of players and coaches. 

“The family environment and the fact that it’s not too far from home. I also love the coaching staff and I know some of my teammates already.”