Ruth Meehan Prepares to Take Her Final Bow in Big Fish


Olivia Vandeberg

Ruth Meehan at rehearsal practicing her role of Sandra in Big Fish.

The lights in Opstad Auditorium dim, the lingering chatter dissipates, and a group of actors takes the stage to begin their afternoon rehearsal for City High’s spring musical, Big Fish. Ruth Meehan ’22 stands center-stage, anticipation brewing along with the knowledge that this will be her last theatrical performance as a City High student.

Although this will be her last performance, it won’t be Meehan’s first time gracing the stage in a City High theater production.

“When I was 14 years old, I got cast as the head prostitute [in Les Misérables]. I loved it so much, it was an amazing experience. Very daunting, but I had lots of fun,” Meehan said.

While gaining experience from that role, Meehan knew that the missed opportunities due to the Covid-19 pandemic could possibly lead to less than desirable results as she auditioned for this spring’s show. But she was willing to try because of the joy she knew the experience would bring her.

“I think that theater is such a great community. It’s welcoming, and I just wanted to continue being a part of that with my friends,” Meehan said.

Ever since being introduced to Big Fish by City High’s choir director Tyler Hagy, Meehan was infatuated by the show and was ecstatic to find out that it was going to be this year’s spring musical.

“I loved the character of Sandra. I always thought it would be very, very cool to play her,” Meehan said.

After a weekend of anticipation, audition results were posted. Meehan was cast as Sandra Templeton, one of the lead roles.

“Finding out that I got a lead role was so exciting,” Meehan said. “I relate to Sandra in a lot of ways, so I’m really excited to dive into [this part].”

Throughout her City High career, Meehan has always felt like the musical community was a place for her, and she wants to pass that on to the next generation.

“I want people to know that theater is a space for everyone,” Meehan said. “I want everyone to know that when they come into a show, whether it be the crew, in the pit, or on stage, you belong there.”

City High’s spring musical, Big Fish, will open on the evening of April 29, 2022.