Big Awards for Big Fish

City High’s spring musical received an Outstanding Musical Production Award


Anna Gayley

Whit Jury ’23 peforms at a “Big Fish” dress rehearsal.

Ruth Meehan ‘22 was driving home when a notification from Troy Peters, director of City High’s spring musical, popped up on her phone. She was caught off guard – the musical had ended nearly a week ago. But as Meehan pulled over and read through the email, she was overjoyed at her decision to stop her car on such short notice.
City High’s spring musical, Big Fish, had just received an Outstanding Musical Production Award and was invited to perform at the 2022 Iowa High School Musical Theater Awards Showcase in June. The show’s two leading cast members, Ruth Meehan ‘22 and Whit Jury ‘23, each received an award for an outstanding performance in a principal role.
“I was really excited,” Meehan said. “[Receiving the award] wasn’t even on my radar. I didn’t even realize my role would qualify.”
Jury was also surprised after receiving recognition for his role as Edward Bloom.
“I just thought it was an award and that was it,” Jury said. “But I didn’t expect a whole program and the addition of performing a medley. It feels very strange, but I’m very grateful. It’s really, really exciting.”
Although the entire cast was invited to perform at the Civic Center in Des Moines, City High will only be sending four actors to perform due to scheduling conflicts.
“Unfortunately, we had too many people that couldn’t be there,” Peters said. “But we’re going to send four Thespians to perform and get to be seen on public television and represent our school.”
Ruth Meehan, Whit Jury, Jared Moninger ‘23, and Charles Faden ‘22 will take the stage in June to perform a few medleys from the show.
“It will be exciting to work with some New York choreographers and vocal coaches, and it will be a really good experience all around,” Meehan said.