Art Department Hosts End of Trimester Art Show


Sadie Bodzin

During the art show, students viewed art made with different mediums.

Kate Meis, Editor

As you walk into the art room, works from all of City High’s art classes from this first trimester cover the room. Paintings line the walls, the tables are full of ceramic structures, and students are touring the temporary showcase.

“Students need to know that all their hard work is leading to something that they can be proud of and in the end can show off, whether they think of it as an assessment or a party at the end,” Art teacher Dan Peters said.

At this art showcase students can not only display their art works but can profit off their work by selling their pieces. Students can sell earrings, prints, ceramics, and t-shirts all with original artwork to their peers.

“They need to have their work brought to the attention of the rest of the school in my opinion, just like an athletic event, a play, a musical, or whatever. This is just how we do that,” Art teacher Dan Peters said.”

The art show runs from 8:30 to 4:30 the last two days of the trimester, giving students, staff, and parents the opportunity to look at student made art from all of the first trimester.