PLAYMAKER PROFILE: Emmy McComas is the City High All-Star


Photo courtesy of Emmy

McComas ‘25 at a Volleyball tournament with her team, 16R Rockets.

Amelie Donovan, Reporter

Sitting on the bench, waiting for her name to be called, McComas takes a deep breath in as the rest of the starters are announced. Starting since she was young, Emmy McComas has always had sports in her future. She didn’t have a particular role model but she loved being active and doing stuff with her friends. She first started volleyball in 7th grade and she realized she really enjoyed playing. Her coach at the time, David Rogers, told her to try out for his club and she got in.

“I just happened to make the team, and I’ve been doing it ever since,” McComas ‘25 said.

McComas ‘25 pregame handshake with Driscoll ‘26 on Senior Night.

Throughout the years McComas has always counted on her teammates.

“I love to surround myself in a good environment, and those environments are great for me because it’s just like another family if that makes sense,” Emmy said.

On and off the court McComas thrives in social settings, so team sports are a really good atmosphere for her to be in.

With her seasons of different sports being back-to-back, McComas deals with very common feelings of being overwhelmed or feeling like she’s behind in classes, however, she says her teachers are a great help during these busy seasons.

“I think it helps when teachers are very flexible with me and actually help me when I need them or they know my schedule is really full and they are just very helpful,” Emmy said.

McComas is also known for the fact that she was varsity for volleyball and basketball her freshman year. With that great responsibility and pressure, McComas said that it was a big game of challenge and pressure in her mind, but with the help of her support system, her friends, coaches, teammates and family.

“They all really support me and help me through everything and definitely believe in me a lot more than I do myself, but I’m getting there,” Emmy said.

While looking at McComas stats, some might say she has the potential to be a college athlete.

“It’s a goal of mine to play a sport in college, it would obviously be amazing to go D1 and that’s the goal, but I think the goal right now would definitely be volleyball because I love it so much but volleyball is definitely very competitive with the recruiting sense and there are so many girls who do it so it’s hard to be seen in a sense. But I would never be opposed to playing basketball in college. Whatever sport I’m in I kinda grow to love it a lot so during basketball season I’m very basketball oriented.”