City Boys JV-1 Soccer Team to Begin Season


 The City High Boys JV-1 soccer team will be starting their season with a home game against Xavier on Tuesday, April 11th. With a full roster of underclassmen, it can be a unique experience for the players.

“I love the experience of working with these young players in such a low pressure environment, even though we have a lot to work on, I think we can learn a lot by playing together and getting used to each other,” Ahmed Basheir ‘25 said.

Head coach Fernando Pacheco is pushing this team to work on their skills and communication together during practices and games. Coach Pacheco led last year’s team to a record of 9-3, after an impressive 7-0 start.

Big games to look out for will be against rival Iowa City teams West High on Saturday, April 15th and Liberty High on April 21st. Last season, JV-1 went 1-1 against West High and lost to Liberty.

“I’m proud to be on a team that shows up every day and gives their all for each other,” Logan Halter ‘25 said.

The team goals for the season are to have at least 10 wins, and surpass their goals from last season; as well as improve their overall record from last year, and continue to work hard to achieve their goals and expectations.  

“I’m really looking forward to playing with this young group and to keep improving as the season goes on,’’ Ahmed Basheir ‘25 said.