LH Journalism Students Inducted into Quill and Scroll Society and Receive IHSPA Awards

Students of City High’s journalism department are inducted into the Quill and Scroll Journalism Honors Society.


Wisdom Konu, Executive Editor and Culture Co-Editor

On Tuesday students from City High’s journalism program met in the new commons after school to celebrate a fulfilling year of writing, designing, and video recording. 

“It feels gratifying. I’m excited to see where the next year will take us,” Esther Puderbaugh ‘25 said.

Multiple students were inducted into the Quill and Scroll Journalism Honors Society, receiving a pin and taking a pledge to uphold the high standards of a Quill and Scroll journalist. Seniors also received honor cords for seeking truth and being critical consumers of all information. Students who were Iowa High School Press Association winners were also recognized for their work. 

“I am really so excited that journalism students get to be recognized for their hard work today,” Sadie Bodzin ‘25 said.





Alyssa Maiers 

Yearbook Editor

Isaac Bullwinkle 

Opinion Columnist – Reporter

Lauren Koch 

Exec and Sports Editor

Natalie Kuhlmann 

Yearbook Editor

Matisse Arnone 

In-Depth Reporter 

Thomas Ksobiech 

Sports Reporter



Bobby Bacon

Ahmed Basheir

Sadie Bodzin

Josh Borger-Germann

Tai Caputo

Hattie Conover

Jack Degner

Gabe Egeland

Charlie Firmstone

Rosangel Flores-Rubio

Greta Hayek

Yomi Hemley

Grace Kirschling

Wisdom Konu

Diego Loria-Eivins

Kate Meis

Lili Moessner

Esther Puderbaugh

Jack Rogers

Megan Swartzendruber

Isabella Young


2023 IHSPA Spring Journalism Contest


Emerging Journalists


Tai Caputo

Wisdom Konu

Esther Puderbaugh

Jack Rogers


1st Place


Feature Story & Social Justice Reporting

Period Poverty at City High by Esther Puderbaugh


In-Depth Sports Story

Running with the Mind by Sierra Pruessner


Editorial Comic

Bats at Opstad by Rosangel Flores-Rubio


Feature Photo

Artistic Identity Takes Form by Matisse Arnone


2nd Place

News Story

Voucher Bill Passed with Protests from City High Students by Tai Caputo


Multimedia Sports

Sam Mbingazo: From the Congo to City by Thomas Ksobiech and Bobby Bacon


News Magazine Multipage Design

Period Poverty by Esther Puderbaugh & Rosangle Flores-Rubio



Hallway Hottakes by Grace Kirschling

Baseline to Baseine by Jack Rogers


3rd Place

In-Depth News

New ICCSD Grading Policy Pushes for Equity by Tai Caputo


In-Depth Sports

Cale Seaton: Defying the Odds by Thomas Ksobiech


Web Design

Lauren Koch and Rosangel Flores-Rubio



LH Sports Podcast with Gabe Arnold by Charlie Firmstone, Bobby Bacon and Sam Keuter


Social Justice Reporting

‘Unbreakable Girls’ Basketball by Lauren Koch


Honorable Mention

Good Morning City High 

Video News Show – Grace Kirschling


Illustration or Art

KPOP – Rosangel Flores-Rubio


In-Depth Sports

Unbreakable Girls Basketball by Lauren Koch


Multimedia Sports

City High Falls to Liberty in Clash at Kinnick by Thomas Ksobiech, Jack Rogers



Ice Spice: Crowned the Princess by Wisdom Konu